Services We Offer

Why GIS Should Be Your Number One Reference Point.

1. Global Resources

  • You will have access to leading professionals and extensive global resources of GIS, including research from GIS’s Investment Research and Analysis as well as reputable third–party research.
  • Our Financial Advisors stay up–to–date with insights from GIS’s Global Investment Committee, which utilizes a disciplined process for evaluating investment managers and analyzing market conditions.
  • We will also help you stay abreast with  the latest market news and understand how it affects you and your investments, with timely newsletters, articles and alerts.
  • Project Funding- We serve as the ultimate services center in Ghana to help you get the needed funding for your business project. Our interests cover a wide array of sectors ranging from Agriculture,Real Estate and Manufacturing, to Telecoms, Education and Tourism. Our track record in finding investors for projects on our platform is what makes GIS one of the most sought-after  in the country.
  • Public Private Partnership ( PPP) Consultancy Services- We provide consultancy services on Government of Ghana(GoG) PPP projects.

2. Investment Banking

We offer a wide range of investment and insurance products and services that can help you work toward achieving your investing goals. These products include a wide selection of investments such as Individual Stocks, Fixed Income, Mutual Funds, as well as more sophisticated offerings, including Alternative Investments and Structured Products.

Our expertise and experience makes us capable to provide the best  solutions to any of the following:


  • Are you looking for long-term, tax-deferred investment designed for retirement?
  • Do you want the opportunity to generate lifetime income?

Retirement Savings

  • Do you need to save for retirement?
  • Are you interested in tax-deferred and tax-free strategies?

Advisory (Managed) Accounts

  • Do you want help with your portfolio?
  • Do you prefer to work with professional money managers?

Mutual Funds

  • Do you want a diversified portfolio?
  • Are you willing to pay an annual expense for professional management?

Bonds (Fixed Income)

  • Are you seeking interest income?
  • Do you want to diversify your portfolio?

Education Savings

  • Do you need to save for college or higher education?
  • Are you interested in tax-deferred strategies?

Stocks (Equities) and Options

  • Are you seeking the potential for higher returns?
  • Are you comfortable with daily fluctuations in value?

Trusts and Estate Planning

  • Do you want to help ensure your assets are properly titled and protected?
  • Do you want to help ensure a timely transition of assets?


  • Do you need coverage to support your estate planning?
  • Do you need coverage for your family?

Securities–Based Lending

  • Do you want an alternative to traditional borrowing?
  • Do you want to explore ways to borrow against eligible investments?

3. Financial / Business Advisory

  With GIS, you are assured of competent and reliable advisory services that include the following:

  • Financial Planning covering Retirement Planning, Education Planning, and Trust and Estate Planning.
  • Equity and Debt Investment in Capital Projects and Start-up Companies
  • Wealth Accumulation, Wealth Preservation and Transfers.
  • International Capital Market Investments.
  • Investment Advisory  and Portfolio Management.
  • Business owner services such as Cash Management, Business Retirement Plans, Insurance and Succession Planning
  • Real Estate Investment      
  • Debt Management

4. Startup and Advisory

  • Are you starting a new business but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you seeking resources or partner(s) for expansion of a going concern?
  • Are you seeking bank financing for a new business venture but don’t know how to structure your loan application?
  • Is your business plan properly structured or is it vague and incoherent?
  • Do you need a professional, practical business plan, easy for execution?
  • What is your small or medium size business worth?
  • Are you looking for an investor or partner to execute a business idea or project?
  • Do you need a professional, practical business plan, easy for execution?

Then look no further, GIS is at your service. We have been collaborating with relevant state agencies to ensure start ups and going concerns overcome these critical questions that confront them in a bid to transforming their business ideas into viable and successful businesses that employ people for economic growth.

  1. Business Diagnostic Reviews:As business doctors, we diagnose the areas of weakness of your business and prescribe solutions based on reliable research data, business knowledge and skill.
  2. Business Plan Development:Whether start up or a going concern, WIPM is able to assist you put together a professional, workable business plan which can secure you funding, or partnership or for implementation.
  3.  Private Placement Memoranda:Whatever amount of financial resources you think you’ll need, you’re probably underestimating. This is a way of raising or obtaining financing into your private company.
  4. Capital and Fund Raising Advisory
  5. Business Advisory (strategy and processes):WIPM advises you on situation-specific strategies and processes to get your business to a desirable state from an undesirable state.
  6. Due Diligence, Business Valuation.
  7. Match Making:“A business partnership is a lot like a marriage. And like a marriage that ends in divorce, a business partnership that comes apart can leave a trail of wreckage in its wake.”With comprehensive research database always at our disposal as to what investment opportunities are available and which ones are viable, what investors are looking for, we are able to recommend partnerships with other local and or foreign entrepreneurs across all sectors of the economy.
  8. Capacity Building, Training & Skills Development :We enhance the entrepreneurial capacity of both start ups and going concern in terms of business skills development through training and mentorships.

5. Other Services

  • Business Registration and Establishment Assistance.